Visual arts: what you need to know

Who speaks of speaks art speaks of a collection of works of creation of works. Art embraces many fields and exists in many forms. It brings together decorative arts, plastic arts, new techniques such as video or photography as well as applied arts. But what are the different types of visual art? The answer is in this article.

What is visual art?

Visual art is a work of creation, the result of which can be experienced through sight, like painting, drawing or photography. It can also be a tactile experience, such as sculpture or collage, or include multimedia or theatrical elements, such as installation or performing art.
Indeed, the visual arts are the arts which produce objects perceived primarily by the eye. They take into account the traditional plastic arts (the old fine arts released from the restrictive notion of aesthetics, such as "beautiful"), to which are added the new techniques: photography, cinema, video art and digital art, but also applied arts, decorative arts (textile art, design, marquetry, etc.) and architecture.

what are the different forms of visual art

There are many forms of visual art today. We can distinguish the drawing which consists of representing a character, a landscape, an idea or even a form. There is also video art which is used to show a real fact, a phenomenon or even an event through an image. There are also sculptures that are based on molding, modeling or construction in order to obtain a particular shape. Finally, there is also painting. This is a form of visual art that consists of creating an image by using paints, acrylics, gouache or watercolor, on a medium (paper, canvas, wood, glass, etc.). It is very aesthetic thanks to the use of several colors, it can be abstract, naturalistic or figurative depending on the inspiration and creativity of the artist.