Dance: it is also an art among the arts

Art is a vast and dense field. It has a very broad meaning and covers the set of processes leading to the production of a work. It is the expression of a fact translated into a reactive work. Thus, we distinguish plastic art, culinary art, medical art, digital art etc. as much as the fine arts. But in all this panoply of art forms, the one that escapes us most often is dance. To understand the meaning of dance, its specificities, we suggest that you read this article carefully.

Artistic dance: what to understand?

To dance is to move your body to the rhythm of the music. It therefore calls for aesthetics because in order to dance you must master the cadences. But, not everyone can dance. This is obvious because, if we start from the fact that art is the expression of ideas or thought, dance is also a means of communication. It symbolizes the expression of thought through regular movements of the body. In other words, dance is an art. It is an art and we know how to reborn the good dancer by observing the movements of his body, and the passion that the person puts into it.
However, it should be noted that the dance must be learned in order to be able to practice it. Indeed, to carry out certain movements, the human organism needs flexibility and strength. For example, contemporary dances require more balance and force dancers to stand on their toes. Other dancers perform figures supporting their body weight with their arms. Thus, any dance is above all a lesson and later becomes an art.

what are the distinctive signs of an artistic dancer

There are qualities that do not deceive in a professional artistic dancer. he is passionate about dancing at first and his body movements go to the rhythm of the song. An artistic dancer has a taste for teamwork and does not compromise on availability. It is flexible and has a great adaptability capacity. His sense of rhythm and his musical ear make him a perfectionist and perseverant of dance.