Plastic art in the modern era: the challenges

Art is the expression of an event or an idea translated into action. Considered this way, art has nevertheless undergone a revolution with the advent of technology. In particular plastic art which demands more demands from plastic surgeons. In this article we present to you plastic art and its evolution in the era of new technologies.

what is plastic art

This expression designates all the creations of the spirit produced through a form or a volume. In more detail, it is the category of works made with materials or accessories that adopt any form. This type of art was created in the Middle Ages and at the time designated the productions relating to modeling, architecture etc.
Visual artists identify themselves in several areas of everyday life. These are all people who express a certain idea or message using the materials. The work itself, having to respect the criteria of an artistic production. Thus, plastic surgeons are made up of sculptors, carpenters, masons, etc.
This artistic field is very vast, because can claim to be plastic artist, any person having created a work of form with the help of a material. In the era of modernity and new technologies plastic art has evolved, thus allowing authors to be more inventive.

what are the impacts of new technologies on plastic art

The technological revolution has spared no industry. It has been beneficial or not in all areas of everyday life. In the plastic arts sub-sector, thanks to new technologies, plastic artists are using materials such as metal, plastic, wood, or a combination. Some use glass, ceramics, sometimes terracotta to give shape to their creation.
Another very affected area is that of decoration. If there is an advantage to practicing this type of art, it is the financial gain and the notoriety that results from it. Indeed, the plastic art creations adopt original forms and by extension, can be used as an object of decoration.

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