Digital art: what is it?

Art has progresse over time especially with the advent of information technology. He has adapted to the technological revolution, even creating new approaches to the production of artistic works. Today we are talking about digital art, a concept that is not new but little known to many. What should we understand about digital art and who is the digital artist? We bring you the elements of answers in this element

what is digital art?

Digital art is a collection of creations made from digital devices and / or accessories. In other words, it is the expression of works developed by artists with the help of computer programs and / or hardware. Indeed, appeared in the 1950s with the advent of computer tools such as computers, interfaces, networks, printers, digital art has imposed itself in the current world and has broadened its chaos of action in several sub-sectors.
All or most artistic disciplines use computer hardware, especially the computer, as the main working material in the arts. This tool makes it easier for the artist to represent or create the expression of his art more easily. Another tool in use today is the printer. The latter is used to create digital works such as pictures, paintings etc. In other areas of net art, such as artificial intelligence, networks and interfaces are widely used to program devices, robots, etc.

who are the digital artists?

The digital artist is any creator who expresses his art through digital. So, you will meet these kinds of people almost every day.

The grasphist

Graphics is an art that was born from the evolution of computer hardware. It tends to replace manual painting today because of the speed of creation. The graphic designer can think and represent images, shapes, figures etc.

The designer

Thanks to computer tools, designers have improved their inventions. The images of futuristic and classic designs that they can reproduce in real lifeā€¦ Photographers, musicians, filmmakers and videographers are digital artists too.